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The Mental Health Benefits of Trivia

Humans are naturally curious and research has shown that interest and curiosity coupled with the reward of knowledge are part of the reason we find trivia quiz questions so much fun.

Trivia isn't just fun however, psychologists describe the mental health benefits of trivia as being mentally satisfying while not have many downsides. People enjoy the thrill of providing correct answers to questions about lesser-known facts.

“You get a rush or a neuroreward signal or a dopamine burst from winning,” John Kounios, Ph.D., professor of psychology and director of the doctoral program in applied cognitive and brain sciences at Drexel University in Pennsylvania, says. “I think whenever you’re challenged with a trivia question and you happen to know it, you get a rush similar to playing a video game.”

Cognitive Benefits of Trivia

Companies have been using trivia games for years to improve mental performance and enhance creativity. Playing trivia games supports cognitive and brain development. It can also expand decision-making capabilities.

Research suggests that adults who frequently participate in intellectually and socially engaging activities exhibit higher cognitive function than those who do not.

By answering questions and learning, you’re improving your cognitive skills. Retaining information about topics you’re interested in is like an exercise for your mind, allowing you to expand your intelligence and improve mental capabilities. This leads to greater creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills. Plus, you’re now able to show off those new facts you’ve learned to impress friends and family.

Social Benefits of Trivia

When you play trivia games, you’re also enhancing your socialization opportunities. What better way to get to know your friends and neighbors than through friendly competition? Playing games allows the chance to foster conversation and connection.

Thanks to trivia, you’re able to build a community through the sharing of common knowledge, a unique way to build relationships. You’re able to connect to others on a more personal level by sharing the task of finding the right answer to a question.

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